Nordic cooperation

Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden face similar problems of integrating large groups of immigrants, especially low-educated ones from outside the EU, into the labour market. Through networks and initiatives we exchange experiences and analyse how labour market integration of immigrants can be promoted. Below you will find examples of our nordic cooperations.

From refugee to skilled worker (Fra flygtning til faglært)
– A mapping of integration efforts directed at vocational training 

Going from being a refugee to becoming a skilled worker can be difficult and cumbersome, especially because of extensive language requirements within the vocational training system. In a mapping from December 2018, the Association New Dane shows how specific Nordic efforts have created new ways to acquiring a vocational education with combinations of professional skill development, language training and internships. The mapping describes specific experiences from efforts in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, that have succeeded in shortening or simplifying the way to vocational training for refugees.

You can download the publication ’Fra flygtning til faglært’ here (only available in Danish).

Skill development of refugees in the healthcare sector

Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland share the challenge of an increasing demand for more educated personnel within the healthcare sector. In addition to this, the countries experience a challenge with making sure that the group of refugees and family reunified persons to refugees attain a permanent connection to the labor market. The aim of this development project, which is supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers, is to develop new methods and models to support the on-going validation of the target group’s qualifications in order to shorten the way towards vocational training within the healthcare sector.

Nordic networks for integration efforts targeting education

The Association New Dane functioned as coordinators in the 2018-2019 NURIS network supported by the Nordplus administration. This network focused on integration efforts targeting education for refugees and family reunified persons to refugees. The network brought together practitioners from Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

The Nordplus administration is now supporting the NURIS II network - a continuation of the former network, but with a new focus. In the NURIS II network, the focus is on practical skills validation as a method for easing the way towards a vocational training within the healthcare sector. The target group is similar to the target group of the first network, but with a specific focus on the group of women. In addition to participants from Denmark, Norway and Sweden, practitioners from Finland participates in the NURIS II network.

If you are interested in learning more about the Nordic projects, you can contact project manager Jes Vissing Tiedemann or project consultant Louise Rosenthal Jensen.

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