Who are we?

The Association New Dane (Nydansker) is one of Denmark’s leading independent, knowledge-based centres for diversity. The Association works hard to lower the barriers for ethnic minorities and immigrants onto the labour market and to make diversity management a natural and valued element within Danish industry.

Member’s Organisation

The Association has over 100 members companies, from both the public and private sectors, who contribute towards keeping the focus on integration and diversity.

Ethnic Minorities in Focus

We work to increase diversity, focusing on the integration of ethnic minorities onto the labour market. This applies both to highly educated foreign workers, who have moved to Denmark with work and to ethnic minorities who are already here.

Diversity Management as a Resource

The key words for the Association’s work are “diversity management.” The aim is to encourage more companies to recruit diversely and to implement diversity actively on an everyday basis, within the workplace.

Projects and Cooperation

We are working in new ways, with Danish companies, to improve diversity prospects. Using projects, courses, seminars and the provision of advice, we focus on diversity management, recruitment and retention, mentoring initiatives and cultural encounters.

Private and non-profit

The Association was established in 1998 by a group of business leaders who wanted to promote inclusion and diversity and utilise untapped potential. This was not a government-led initiative, rather a team of Denmark’s most forward-looking business leaders, who thought there was a need for a common position to open up their workplaces to ethnic minorities.

Knowledge & Opinion Forming

Through the knowledge and the experience that we gain through cooperation with our member companies, we seek to influence and contribute positively to the political agenda in the area of diversity.

Forum for Diversity Fans

There are opportunities through our projects and our network arrangements to meet member companies and cooperation partners, to develop ideas and broaden and deepen experience.

The “New Dane” name

The name “Association New Dane” is a shortened version of our original name, “The Association for the Integration of New Danes onto the Labour Market.“ The expression “New Dane” has been used since the 1990s about an immigrant, a child of an immigrant (ie a second-generation) or a refugee in Denmark. Our mission is still the same. To lower the barrier between ethnic minorities and the labour market. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information

Historien bag foreningen

Foreningen Nydansker blev stiftet i 1998. Bag stiftelsen stod en række erhvervspersoner, som havde et fælles ønske om at øge integrationen af nydanskere på arbejdsmarkedet. En af dem var den tidligere personalechef i Haldor Topsøe, Edvin Blomqvist, som her fortæller om visionerne dengang og nu.

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Hvem er vi?

Foreningen Nydansker arbejder for at bane vejen for nydanskere på arbejdsmarkedet og gøre mangfoldighedsledelse til et naturligt og værdsat element i dansk erhvervsliv.

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